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Looking forward to meeting you, and exploring the amazing
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~Randy Q.

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Hey Randy!


Sent you a note, would love to get a cover/pinup from you for our new series, Only Human.


Let me know what it would take my friend!




Joe and Dan

where r u randy?? what r u doing?? i want to see more of ur work!!
Please PLEASE when the hec is Starfall coming out??????????/
I admit I only recently became aware of your work but am quickly becoming a fan. I hope the movie is going well, if you guys do any filming in Wilmington look me up.
You are truly an inspiration! I adore Ariel Chylde and your skill as an artist is superb!
You really are a great comic artist.
beachbead Sep 29, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Glad to see yur on DA, hope to see more artowkr from you.
Awesome Welcome to DA, Huge fan of your art and Darkchylde
Redarm84 Jan 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Alright, you're here!
Finally you are here !
I'm a huge fan of your work since Darkchylde #1, so I'm very happy to see you here !
Darkchylde was one of the first comic book who really fascinated me and thus, I have a quite particular affection for this book. I have read them a lots of time and I thanks you again for created this master piece.
Thanks again !

I have just know for the Darkchylde movie, in other words : I am TOTALLY EXCITED especially that I love John Carpenter's work !

Greetings from France !

(I have already pre-sale the TPB Legacy/Redemption, because they was never published in France... Can't wait for January !)
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